"I see a shadow, black, cast by a crumpled piece of paper..."

As part of my "Cultivating Creativity" workshop, we did a little writing exercise, describing a balled-up piece of paper.

I see a shadow, black, cast by a crumpled piece of paper,the shadow crossing a join line of the fake wood floor. The line is dark against dark, straight as artificality, contrasting wiht the curves of the fake wood grain, the curves of the shadow, the wandering crumples and creases and flods of the paper.

The paper is the alien landscape of some misshapen icy moon on a gas giant in a far off solar system. I see a crater on the side facing me, I see mountains and ridgelines and valleys. I see its day side and its night side, its yin and its yang.

Near its top - as I see it - two large folds, crumples. like horns.


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