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leave my drink alone; me, my dad, and Johnny B. Goode

Promotions at the dojo today...didn't have any students going up, but spend the day helping out. Think I wrenched a muscle in my back, so I've come down to Leadbetter's for some muscle relaxant and some tunes.

Now that the smoking ban is in effect, they have these little card you put on your drink if you go out to suck on the penis of corporate America. It says "Out smoking - Leave my drink alone". Which seems a good phrase for a writing exercise:

leave my drink alone, leave my think alone, leave my mind alone, don't try to push or pull or wash it, leave my monkey alone

leave my drink alone, leave my link alone, my missing link, who took it? somebody most have stole it! Who stole the missing link? Can we track it down with LoJack? Was it insured, will be be re-imbursed for the loss?

leave my drink alone, leave my sink alone, I'll wash my own dishes just give me time...the new monk asked the master, "please teach me", the master replied "have you eaten? Then, wash your bowl." Which, I found years later, is actually quite a production in a Zen monastery, they don't have dishwashers, it's a whole ritual using tea to get every morsel out, nothing is wasted

leave my drink alone, leave my blink alone, leavemy drink a clone, leave my fink a clone, leave my dink a loan, give my clone a loan, knick nack paddy-whack give a clone a loan, what do you loan a clone? Lend him my phone, he moaned.

leave my drink alone, let me think alone, let me think on my own...

The band is playing Jonny B Goode, and I remember a time, must be fifteen or twenty years ago, my dad and I out doing some errand, me in my late teens or early 20s, still in that stage of becoming my own man, not necessarily in my father's image, the strained relationship. And I remember that song on the radio, and both of us quietly singing along

I don't know if he remembers that moment...and somehow I feel it would shatter if I asked him. If to observe is to disturb, as Heisenberg told us, then perhaps to speak is to destroy.

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