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creepy, or lost in translation?

So last night I go out to an art gallery where Liz is performing at an exhibition opening. Ended out going for dinner and karaoke with Dave and his girlfriend and an Nihonjin friend of theirs, quite nice. Around 11 they had to head back, I decided to stay out late, go down to Shisaibashi (thus the song fragment that came to me last night).

Ended up at Cinquecento again, where I ran into this Japanese guy I've seen around a few times. Older guy, maybe late 40s, good English, I've chatted with him and he's bought me drinks. First time I met him I thought he might be gay and trying to pick me up, but then he said someting about getting home to his wife, so I figured I was safe.

I'm not so sure now. Dude was a little creepy last night. When I said I was going to walk home he suggested that I stay at his place, and he didn't seem to take the hint when I declined. He seemed to be following me when I left - maybe he was just heading to another bar that happened to be in the same direction, maybe we just had a "Lost in Translation" moment and he was just being friendly and thought we were going to the next bar, but I quickened my pace.

But assuming it was what I though it was: I don't know what it is that seems to draw gay guys to me - it's usually a compliment, sure, but one thing I've been clear on since I was about five years old is that I like girls. But on a few occasions it has given me the experience of being on the receiving end of unwanted and persistant pick-up attempts. Getting back to the case I mentioned a few days ago of the guy trying too hard with the girls at Blarney Stone, I think guys like that could benefit by being on this side of things,

On the other hand, it's probably tough to be a gay man here - I understand that Tokyo has a bit of a gay scene, but I'm not sure about Osaka. So I'm not without sympathy for this fellow. But learn to take a hint, will ya?

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