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kumite, upcoming Zen center stay

Wednesday, by the way, was promotion night at the Kansai dojo. Four people testing for ikkyu and nikyu. I was the only yudansha for the kumite; interesting to think how I'll be a memory here. "Hey, remember my advanced brown belt promotion, when that wacky American sensei was here?" As senior guy present I got to tie belts on people - back home that honor always goes to Kyoshi Kate, of course.

So, I'm going to be ending my stay here with two days at a Zen Center! Last Saturday I met (re-met, actually) David's housemate Amelia, who had spend a few days at the Tekishin center a bit outside Kyoto, and really recommended it. I contacted them, and I'm going to stay for two nights, the 28th and 29th. From what I understand it's pretty much working and living monk-style, with lots of zazen, working around the temple, and formal ritual meals. I don't think it'll be cushy but it should be educational.

Today, though, I took it easy. Slept in, cleaned the apartment a little, mailed some postcards. I'm going to have to stay mailing some stuff home, I've accumulated stuff since I've been here, more than my luggage would hold. (Plus of course I'd send over a big box of books, which have to go back.)

Now grabbing dinner (at Slices), the off to Liz's sayonara party at Sam and Dave's. Tomorrow, black belt clinic in Nagoya - since I haven't trained black belt stuff much since I've been here, should be interesting.

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