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high school reunions; statute of limitations on grief

Had my 20th high school reunion tonight. Saw a couple of the people I'd really hoped to see, which was great; but also found out that one of them had died.

How old does news have to be before it loses the ability to hit you hard? If you find out that someone you had known and cared about died last year, five years ago, ten years ago, what's the statute of limitations on that?

Allison Fisher, a friend and classmate, a lovely young woman who I performed together with in a high school play, died of breast cancer nine years ago. I last saw her fifteen years ago, at our fifth high school reunion, perhaps the most vivacious person there. Now, I regret missing our tenth.

A memorial foundation has been set up, and is holding an event next weekend. I think I will be there.

So now down to Leadbetters, for a drink and some contemplation in the presence of music.

Last night, played a bit at the Poems Against War publication party. Think it went over well, I guess we had about 25 people turn out. Went over to Joe Squared afterward for a drink, caught part of a set from a band called Higher By Nature, really good stuff, sort of jazzy hip-hop if I had to put it in a genre.


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