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gardens at Tenryuji in the fall

Back out to Arashayama today, the gardens at Tenryuji. Spring, now fall. I repeat my earlier assessment: I want my backyard to look like this. (Problem is, I'd have to move a mountain into the neighborhood to get the
right backdrop. Tricky, that.)

Also hit Rakushisha while I was out that way. Didn't realize (though I should have - we saw a bunch set out to dry on the hike yesterday) that this the time of year for persimmons, so to visit the Cottage of Fallen
Persimmons turned out to be appropriate.

I've been reading Keroac's journal on the train rides. Quite interesting.

Came back to the hotel and took a nap. (!) Now, dinner at Puru Nima, later
over to "Rugtime" to see Eric play. David is also going to come by. Good to
see friends.

I think tomorrow I will sleep in, go mail some stuff home, and hit Kyoto
again to see Daitokuji - I recall seeing photos of one of the gardens in the fall, should be nice to see in person. Maybe Thursday for Kamakura and Tokyo? Thursday night, Amemura folk jam at the
Cellar, will have to stop in.

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