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cop sues family for calling 911

No, this is not an April Fool's joke.

Many people are shocked to learn that there is no legal obligation for police to show up when you call 911, that the cops have no duty to protect you. I must admit that I've heard so many stories of police misbehavior and dereliction of duty that I find their surprise naive.

But even I was shocked to learn that cops can sue you for calling 911.

Kemal Yazar has an obvious mental health breakdown. His wife Marlene called 911. A paramedic arrives, but backs off when Yazar chucks a Bible at him. Deputy Brady Pullen and another deputy arrive. There is a struggle, and Yazar is shot and killed.

That shooting may or may not have been necessary, but what's clearly unnecessary is Pullen's lawsuit against Yazar's survivors.

Falkenberg: We expect more from our heroes than being sued by them (Houston Chronicle)

One of the deputies who was sent to protect the family decided to serve them instead - with a lawsuit.

Pullen, who according to an investigator's report, suffered "superficial wounds" during the incident, accused family members of "negligence and recklessness" for not fully warning him of the "violent threat" Kemal posed.


Pullen says he suffered a broken nose, needed surgery that required him to miss work, and had a concussion which affected his memory of the events. The deputy is seeking at least $100,000 in damages, including medical expenses, mental anguish, pain and suffering and loss of past earning capacity. The first hearing in the case is set for April 14 in Judge Patricia Kerrigan's court.

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