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a wordlist poem

Tonight's Zelda's Inferno exercise: writing from a wordlist, generates around the word "fear". No, I don't know how "fear" led someone to say "hot dog", that's the beauty of the workshop...

Our words: catchup, hot dog, wraith, adequate, mortality, strangle, loathing, claustrophobia, monotony, phantom, Monsanto, foolhardy, viscous, blatant, clusterbomb, waterboarding

please, lord, anything but the viscous monotony of a normal regular day job

I fear that more that I fear my own mortality -

to end and have my flesh rot in a hole, or be burned, fine, sure, resolved and resigned to it long ago

the slow strangulation of all in me that does not conform to Management's whim
until I am another commuter-wraith taking to the highway at 7 am each morning
heading for cubical claustrophobia and office politics straight out of the hierarchical primitive mammalian brain...

I'd rather be waterboarded
or swallow a clusterbomb
than deal with the bullshit

maybe that's foolhardy to say
and put to it, maybe I'd give it all up to
have adequate food and a roof over my head
but I hope I would be strong enough
if pushed
to spite the system

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