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Zelda's exercise: direct and indirect

Zelda's Interno writing exercise: write two pieces, one expressed
directly and one indirectly, mirroring each other. I didn't quite follow
the instructions, but here's what I got:

the story:

At Fletchers a few weeks ago, I'm writing, this guy sits down next to me, asks if I like to watch hockey, or football, on the TV. When I say no, not so much, he asks where I'm from - not what city, but what country...France?

why am I surrounded by


I just want to sit here and drink my beer and write

(and maybe look at any pretty girls who happen by, sure)

I do not want to talk about professional sports with the doofus who has sat down next to me

I don't want to have to explain to him that, even though I don't give a damn about something that's so important to him, yes, I am an American, yes, I am from Baltimore

even if we obviously live in different cities in different countries...

are we not city-fellows? fellow Americans?

or do we live in different cities, different nations, that share only geography?

here and now I would show you my Baltimore, my America, if I could

I think it may be different than yours

though I'm sure we share much -

are we not both men, of the same flesh?

and do not our eyes both follow that cute blond as she walks across the room?

See, we are not so different...

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