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Zelda's Inferno exercise: "the grain invalidates the matrix"

This week's Zelda's Inferno exercise: write a poem based on one of these random sentences, from :

Why can't the garble vanish?
The song squashes a building horizon past the wreck.
The grain invalidates the matrix.
How can the settled shape accept on top of the firework?
The cap burns the inside ax.

Feel free to combine two of them or alter them.

the grain invalidates the matrix

the seed cancels the environment
it speaks of new possibilities heretofore unknown
profligate creation
one nodding seedhead of wheat with the potential to create
hundreds of stalks
each shuffled into a new genetic pattern by the entropic
creativity of sex

the grain invalidates the matrix

the seed invalidates the numbers
destroys the equations
linear programming is no match for
biological chaotic strange attractors
themselves only an abstraction of buzzing spiky sloppy reality
the plant does not read the book and does as it pleases
to the continual consternation of botanists and gardeners

the grain invalidates the matrix

the pattern of growth in muscle, in wood
the striations, the fibers
break free of the womb
bursting forth
the seedling bursts forth from the matrix of the seed, becoming
the woody plant, laying down the xylem strands
the infant bursts out of the womb, growing into the strong child,
sprouting myofibrils

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