Zelda's Inferno exercise: salute to the departed

Today's Zelda's Inferno exercise: salute to the departed -- write a eulogy or elegy to someone or something

many things have come and gone
family friends ideas heroes gods dreams
this is the way of all things
a world constantly melting and reforming
shapes in the clouds
faces seen that drift apart

we try to grab the shifting shape
as if we hold it tightly enough it will not change

and of course this will not succeed

and to learn this is a loss
and a gain
a loss of innocence
a loss of illusion, a loss of ignorance
a gain of knowledge, a gain of freedom

shall we mourn the loss, then, an elegy for innocence?
shall we celebrate the gain, a victory hymn?

this mashup of finding and losing
of joy and pain
a victory elegy, a lament for freedom gained


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