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Zelda's Inferno exercise: "nostalgia for things that never were"

Zelda's Inferno exercise: "Texas Hold 'em" style with Nicole's word deck: we picked four words (I initially read the first one wrong) to share, then each picked three more, for a total of seven.

shared: contemplation/completion innocence messages nostalgia

my hand: competition love journey

pick 5 and go write a poem with them...

nostalgia for things that never were
nostalgia for a love I never knew
nostalgia for an innocence we never had

looking for messages from the fates in the pattern of my life
looking for messages in random things seen along the journey

on a saturday night, unable to stay home
I throw myself on the mercy of the city
still looking for a thing I cannot name
and now I wonder if I'll know it when I see it
but I throw myself into the city, hard,
like breaking the rack in a game of eight-ball,
hoping that with enough energy, something will find a target
but with no plan as to what will go where

trusting that if we keep moving things around
eventually they will all fall into place

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