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Zelda's Inferno exercise: distanced from the game

Zelda's Inferno exercise: pick one (or more) of the following phrases:

but I had saved her
disorganized thrift bin
distanced from the game
it's all owned internally
everything was being replenished
cloudy purple juice runs free

and run with it

walking the dog over by the school on a
fine spring Sunday afternoon
people playing softball on one of the diamonds
adults not kids and so
I remember my father's softball league

my brother and I running around the
other side of the park
while he played his games

watching these people now
their kids running around
as they play their game

but I am distanced from the game
for good or ill
no kids, no family
distanced from the game of marriage/kids/neighborhood politics
distanced from the game
that most are playing
not sure if I feel left out
like being picked last by the pick-up team
or above it
like walking by a tic-tac-toe tournament

and I suppose that
the final answer depends
on who I can find to play with...

for I can dream of one
with whom playing nothing but tic-tac-toe
would be enough

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