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Zelda's Inferno exercise: "Why are you riding the crack?

Zelda's Inferno exercise: supported free-write on the phrase, "Why are you riding the crack?" (a strange out-of-context conversational extract...)

Why are you riding the crack
the crack between now and then
past and present
sane and crazy
the crack between here and there
perception and being
fire and smoke
the crack between land and sky
the crack between you and I
the crack between thinking and doing
between theory and reality
why are you riding the crack, not stepping clearly to one side
why are you in the muddled middle
why are you wobbling in the crack between
sitting and standing
between loving and leaving
between speaking and silence
why are you riding the crack
sliding into the crack
stepping on the crack
cracking the joints
joining that which is cracked
joining the cracked pieces of
space and time
energy and matter
thought and thing
yin and yang
the cracks between the seconds
between the instants
the cracks between the protons in the nucleus of the atom
the cracks in the plastic Buddha in my garden
the cracks in the sidewalk
the cracks in the corners of my lips in the dryness of winter
the cracks in the stone, from water expanding to ice
the softest overcoming the hard
the cracks in the facade
the cracks in my confidence
every little space where the thin end of the wedge
the infinitesimal edge of the blade
can penetrate to make space
the cracks between the bones where the Taoist butcher worked his cleaver, so that it never became dull
the cracks between one line of the poem and the next
where a thousand allusions and intimations may enter
the cracks in the alley
at the top of the hill
where the water puddled, our street's tiny miniature pond
freezing to ice, our little skating rink in winter
spawning dragonflies in summer
the cracks in my serenity, where I want to grab and smack some fool
seeping into every crack, penetrating all spaces
no boundaries, no delineation, no separation
cracks in the logic of categorization
cracks in the abstraction
revealing the messiness of the actual universe beneath

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