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Zelda's Inferno exercise: "Love broke in through the back door with a hammer."

Zelda's Inferno exercise: The Action of a Sentence. List a bunch of nouns, and a bunch of verbs associated with an occupation, then mix and match to make interesting lines

nouns: food, hair, love, prices, fire, butterflies, sky, roses, skin, chains

a thief: sneaks, opens, breaks, runs, hides, sells, convicted, steals, cuts, listens, fences, looks out, gets away, blows up, cons

Roses con the bees into spreading their pollen with their sweet-smelling lies.

The sky listened to his cries but did not reply.

Her hair snuck into my fingers, softly curling around them.

A butterfly cut me off as it flew across the path,making me swerve and almost run into a tree.

And then love snuck in while he wasn't watching. Love broke in through the back door with a hammer. Love threw a rock through a window then reached in and opened it. Love took what it wanted and got away clean.

The thorn didn't cut me, the rose did.

His skin listened for her touch.

Her chains opened.

And then food broke in! Broccoli battering down the door, tomatoes swinging in through the windows on their vines, a pile of noodles grabbed Fred as a sack of flour kept George covered.

Butterflies get away with it.

The sky broke into several dozen sharp and dangerous pieces, like a wineglass dropped on a hard stone floor.

A stray hair hides underneath the pillow.

Butterflies steal the moments.

Random thought:

It's my 39th and a half birthday today
and this morning as we lay in bed, she reached up and stroked my temple and said she loves my salt-and-pepper
(there are just enough years between us for her to tease me about it)

so I've got six months to get set for my 40s

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