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Zelda's Inferno exercise, August 19 - the Universe deck

Zelda's Inferno exercise for August 19: we made a group "Universe Deck", then I laid out word cards in a Tarot-card style.

universe deck tarot

vortex - significator
clit - cover
nerve ending - cross
spiral - below
stroke - above
moon current - behind
climb - before
incline - self
jiggle - house
windshield - hopes and fears
iceberg - outcome

the sweet vortex of sex pulls my thoughts
until I can't get anything done

any thought at all dissolves into memories
of the hips of a lover of a decade ago
of the taste of the pierced clit of a one-night stand on the first anniversary of 9/11
of a drunken three-way makeout session a few weeks ago
of the jiggling breasts of my last girlfriend as she moved above me

desire, potent in a way
only absracts can be
blocks my nerve endings until I can't think

I stand slanted on this spiral of desire
twisted and off-balance
subject to the currents of the moon
I'm not sure I want to climb out
I'm not sure I could
it would take an iceberg to cool me down

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