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Vincent Bugliosi: Bush "guilty of murder for the deaths of over 4,000 young American soldiers in Iraq fighting his war"

Our good friend Mike Gurklis sends in this link to an interview with Vincent Bugliosi. In a new book the former LA County Assistant District Attorney lays out the case for prosecuting George W. Bush for murder:

You’ve got to realize, there’s no statute of limitations for the crime of murder. So this could very well happen. At this stage of my life, I cannot engage in fanciful reveries. This is a very real thing that we’re talking about here. I’ve established jurisdiction on a federal and state level for the prosecution of Bush for two crimes: conspiracy to commit murder and murder. On a federal level, we’re really only talking about the Attorney General in Washington, D.C., operating through his Department of Justice. But on a state level, I’ve established jurisdiction for the attorney general in each of the fifty states, plus the hundreds of district attorneys in counties within those states, to prosecute George Bush for the murder of any soldier or soldiers from their state or county who died fighting his war in Iraq.



THE BEST THING BUSH & CHENEY COULD DO FOR THEMSELVES AND FOR THE WORLD WOULD BE TO IMMEDIATELY RESIGN FROM OFFICE AND VOLUNTARILY COMMIT INTO PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT. IF THEY DO THIS THEY MAY LIKELY BE SAVED FROM ARREST, TRIAL AND EXECUTION UNDER INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES LAWS. FOR THEY WOULD LIKELY BE PLACED IN CONFINEMENT FOR THE REST OF THEIR NATURAL LIVES ON AN INSANITY PLEA. . . . Since the Congress refuses to impeach Bush and Cheney because of their own guilt as accessories before and after the fact to the crimes committed, We need to seek involuntary commitment of Bush and Cheney as they both pose a real and demonstrated continuing threat to the world! . . . Sample forms for petitions for involuntary commitment of Bush and Cheney are linked to this site so that We the People can take action to seek a removal from office of Bush and Cheney on grounds of mental incapacity. With sufficient financial support to sustain legal proceedings in a court of competent jurisdiction, a class action petition will be filed seeking involuntary commitment of Bush and Cheney. (Wallace, Douglas A. (J.D.). AMERICA IN ACTION!! CRIMINAL MINDS OR INSANITY OR BOTH? (Is there any difference?). Retrieved September 11, 2008, from


[Peter Nickles]
Office of the DC Attorney General
441 4th Street NW, Suite 1060 N
Washington, DC 20001

This is a petition for the involuntary commitment for psychoanalysis and treatment of George Walker Bush President of the United States hereinafter called GWB.

This petition is based upon the the obvious condition of mental depravity of GWB as follows:

A. By way of an analysis of Megalomania from a study by Dr. Justin Frank, M.D. Washington psychiatrist in a book published June 2004, Bush on the Couch.

B. By way of a similar analysis of Adolf Hitler made by a group psychiatric diagnosis of Megalomania under contract by the Office of Strategic Services [O.S.S] Published by Henry A. Murry, M.D. October, 1943.

C. By way of Insane Delusion concerning his projected perceived bogus “terrorist” enemies of the United States as projected against Iraq, Iran, Syria and North Korea. The real enemy being GWB to himself for which we all suffer.

As a result of this mental depravity, GWB:
1. ordered approximately Four Thousand [4,000] US military personnel to their deaths.
2. caused the injury, loss of limbs, eyesight, hearing and permanent maiming of
approximately Twenty Six Thousand [26,000] US military personnel.
3. caused the deaths of an estimated Six Hundred Fifty Thousand [650,000] Iraqis.
4. Caused the destruction of billions of dollars of infrastructure of the nation of Iraq.
5. immersed the United States in debt beyond it's capacity to pay.
6. indebted future generations presently estimated at One Hundred Thousand Dollars each.
7. ingratiated the image and character of the United States without regard to its citizens.
8. intends to involve the US in a never ending war against a bogus enemy.
9. tortured and held prisoners without trial or honoring human rights.
10. violated the Constitution, Treaties , National and International laws.

For these reasons the undersigned individual alleges that GWB is a mental threat to National and World peace, safety and security and petitions the District of Columbia Attorney General to file immediately for an order of commitment.

Name ___________________ Address________________________________________
Signed ___________________ City___________________ State___________________
Date_____________________________ [See attached comparative analysis with Hitler] (Wallace, Douglas A. (J.D.). AMERICA IN ACTION!! CRIMINAL MINDS OR INSANITY OR BOTH? (Is there any difference?). Petition to DC Attorney General. Retrieved September 11, 2008, from


Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff
Washington, DC 20001

RE: Resistance to further widening warfare


As a member of a class of persons referred to in the Preamble of the Constitution , as We the People, the undersigned person(s) requests that you defer to the will of We the People, any further widening or escalation of military actions across the globe including but not limited to the nation of Iran as may be requested by your Commander in Chief, George Walker Bush.

Currently, effort is underway to seek involuntary confinement and treatment of the said George Walker Bush for mental disorders including but not limited to Megalomania . The same or similar mental disorders were attributed to Adolf Hitler under a diagnosis requested by the Office of Strategic Services in 1943.

German Generals had sought but were unable to deter Hitler based upon his mental disorder to the cost of 50 million casualties. Had they succeeded those “collateral” damages would have been far less.

Involuntary Commitment of Dick Cheney for insane delusions against the interests of we the people is also being sought.

In the interests of peace and justice I/we request that you order a stand down to any further orders of escalations emanating from the White House until such time as the issues of mental depredation of both Bush and Cheney have been settled.

From my/our perspective, it would be appropriate for you and all commissioned officers of the military to also request an order to determine the mental capacity of Bush to command. Can you also bring up charges for Courts Martial?


Name(s)___________________________ _____________________________________
Signature(s)_______________________ ______________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
Date _______________________________ (Wallace, Douglas A. (J.D.). AMERICA IN ACTION!! CRIMINAL MINDS OR INSANITY OR BOTH? (Is there any difference?). Letter to Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. Retrieved September 11, 2008, from

Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1997
Messiah College, Grantham, PA

Crime of murder is really a serious one. Prosecuting a president of a country is even more a serious case . But then again justice will prevail.

Bush should be held accountable for lying to the American public and the World. His Administration's lies have lead to the death of over 4,000 soldiers, and he should be held accountable. I hope there is an Attorney General who has the guts to do this...but I doubt it will ever happen.

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Don't worry obama is a pussy and he's already out apologizing to the world for pres bush and the horrible acts of america. So the world should be loving america and we have nothing to fear because Jesus Christ or as you guys know him President Barack Obama is in charge now and everything will be okay.

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