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U.S. military covers up massacre of Iraqi civilians; Wikileaks uncovers it

Was it rank incompetence, or was it total disregard for the lives of Iraqi civilians? You'll have to judge for yourself. But what we do know is that the U.S. military killed over a dozen civilians in New Baghdad, including two Reuters news staff, and wounded at least two children, then lied about it.

Now, the heroes at Wikileaks have obtained, and posted to the net, the video that the U.S. government does not want you to see. It may shock you. I hope it does. And I hope you'll think about how many cases just like this haven't been leaked. And I hope you'll make any naive kid you might know, who's thinking about joining the military and being some kind of hero, sit down and watch it, and think about how much glory there is in getting the sort of insane orders that lead to you shooting children and photographers.


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