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my life -- photos

iconic location photo

Today's photo of an iconic location -- main entrance lobby of the American Museum of Natural History

what? something behind me?

What's that you say? Something coming up behind me?

locked first aid cabinet

Spotted this at CCBC. Have to lock up those first aid supplies so no one gets unauthorized band-aids I guess. Just stand there and bleed while I find someone to unlock this.

Occupy Baltimore

Occupy Baltimore -- McKeldin Square, Pratt and Light Streets. About 70 people here, 10 pm Tuesday night.

ISO 9001 tatami

I don't know why the idea of ISO 9001 certified tatami amuses me, but it does.

Ringo in the woods (May 2010)

after Sara's party

Ringo! (February 2011)

Ringo the dog


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