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Japan 2007 - spring

Japanse girls with dogs in bike baskets

In Osaka Castle park, two young ladies with matching small dogs in bike baskets

"Place that touches dogs"

In Shinsaibashi, unfortunately the text on the sign - "Place That Touches Dogs" - didn't come out. Apparently a "dog cafe", where you can take your inu or play with the locals.

kids' paintings - Daruma

Daruma (Bodhidharma) is all over the place here. This set of paintings from a local school (displayed in the grocery store in my building) includes paintings of Daruma figurines.

kawaii desu ne!

attacked by a swarm of small nihonjin girls who decorate his hair, our hero nonetheless presses on.

cherry blossoms in Kyoto, March 11

folks out enjoying early cherry blossoms

dog on the bar at Mojo Bar

dog on the bar at Mojo Bar, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan

plum blossom

plum blossom in Osaka Castle Park

early cherry blossoms in Osaka-jo park, March 10

a lovely day, Osaka Castle (which is actually a museum built as a replica) in the background


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