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Japan 2007 - spring

Cute dog

Not just a dog sweater, but a stylish stiped top

Nara park

The mountains of Nara Park

Jizo statue

Dressed Jizo statue. There is a tradition of dressing statues of Jizo Bodhisatva (patron of lost children) in bibs or other clothing.

Nara street scene

Looking up towards the mountains of Nara Park.

JR Bentenchou Station

My local train station on the JR (Japan Railways) Osaka Loop line. I visit this place a lot...

Street musician on Dotonbori bridge

Dude took advantage of construction on the bridge to find a spot near, but just out of, a tremendous pedestrian flow. Didn't see him make any money in the few minutes I watched, but he seemed to be having fun. He was singing in Japanese, I have no idea about what.

fashion brand consciousness

...and then, sometimes you could be in New York, full of familiar brands like Nike and Coach. The fashion thing is very big here; my theory is that since no one can really have a big house, people show off by wearing stupidly expensive clothing instead of buying mini-mansions.

Dotonbori bridge

The Dotonbori brige. At night these all light up and it looks like something out of Blade Runner.

waterfront view

Looking north from the bridge crossing the Shirinashigawa River into Namba

Osaka dome

The Osaka Dome, not far from my place. Interesting architecture, kind of otherwordly.


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