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Japan 2007 - fall

Nagoya Castle

Our hero at Nagoya Castle.

"Sound of Zen" poster

Poster seen at a temple in Osu, Nagoya. "What is the sound of Zen?...Listen to the silence"

tori at Atsuta shrine

Tori (sort of a Shinto "spiritual gateway") at the Atsuta shrine. I like the way the sun line up for this shot.

robotic flagman, on the highways of Japan

We spotted several of these during our bus trip. Just a mannequin with a waving arm and attached flag.

prune tree blooming in December

in the Imperial Garden, Tokyo - prune trees blooming even as other trees are losing their leaves for the autumn.

at the Imperial Palace

Outside the Imperial Palace, Tokyo

the famous Hachiko statue

Statue of Hachiko outside of Shibuya station


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