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Oh, what a way to start the year

So my paramour and I get our wires crossed and I end up dateless on New Year's Eve. Well, that sucks pretty massively, especially since I don't find out until December 30th, not much time to make another plan. But I ended up going over to visit my friends Mike (my oldest and one of my best friends) and Cat for a quiet evening of converation and celebration. Ok, that's nice.

'Round about 2:30 I figure it's time to head home. Say my goodnights, walk out, and find that my driver's side window has been smashed in. Broke the wing mirror, too.

Mike and Cat, bless 'em, helped me clean up the glass, called the cops, and offered me a place to crash. But I was wanting to get home to my own bed, so drove the twenty minutes home getting rained on. Got the car into the shop today but it will be at least two days to get it fixed.

Insurance will pay for the repair, but I droppped rental car coverage back when I had two cars, so it'll cost about $80 to keep me on the road.

Well, I guess at least the year is likely to get better from here on out...


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