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Maryland elections: there are alternatives

While a lot of Marylanders will be heading to the polls tomorrow to select the Democratic (not "Democrat", if you can't get the grammar right you disqualify yourself from being taken seriously) and Republican candidates for the upcoming general elections, there are some other alternatives.

The Maryland Green Party is running Maria Allwine and Ken Eidel for Governor/Lt. Gov and Natasha Pettigrew for the Senate. They've also got candidates for Anne Arundel County Executive, and for the Montgomery County Council and the Washington County Commission.

The Libertarians (who generally don't understand the meaning of the word, having stolen it from socialist anarchists, but I'll cut them some slack) have Susan Gaztañaga and Doug McNeil for Governor/Lt. Gov, and candidates for most of the Congressional seats and several down-ticket races.

There's also a Maryland chapter of the nutjob Constitution Party (link deliberately omitted), who believe that the U.S. was founded "on the Gospel of Jesus Christ" and wants to "restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations" -- showing that, like a lot of folks on the far right making a lot of noise about the Constitution these days, they have failed to read and understand it. Sort of like the barbarians in that Star Trek episode whose "holy words" were "E pleb neesta"; it took Captain Kirk to come along and teach them about "We the People" and the Preamble to the Constitution.

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