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LA County deputies murder innocent crime victim

How dare he run away from a man with a knife? Obviously undertrained and underqualifed cops would view that as threatening behavior.

Deputies' accidental killing of aspiring TV producer 'very tragic' (

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department acknowledged Thursday that its deputies mistakenly shot and killed an aspiring TV producer earlier this week while responding to a stabbing and hostage standoff in West Hollywood.

Sheriff’s officials said deputies believed John Winkler, 30, was the attacker when they encountered him at a Palm Avenue apartment complex Monday night.

In fact, he was one of three hostages being held inside an apartment by a man with a knife.

More and more it seems like calling 911 to deal with violent crime is likely to make a situation worse. Too many cops are simply incompetent or ill-intentioned, and too many police forces have a culture of corruption and silence, with no intention to improve the situation.

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