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July 1st Zelda's exercise: writing from the five senses

Zelda's Inferno writing exercise from July 1st: think of meaningful memory, describe it through each of the five senses - but don't name the senses

stone hard under my back
comfortably unyielding, cool mountain
holds us up to the sky like mother lifting child closer to father
held solidly

earthy musky remnant of the mushroom tea lingers in my mouth
slowly being cleared away by the clean night mountain air that moves in through my nose, out through my mouth

the same air that carries hint of the campfire behind us and of the river and of the stone on which we lie

the same air that brings me the laughter and shouts and talk of friends not separate from myself, as we sit on the side of this mountain and let the sky fill our eyes

flashing lights of rocks on fire
as they hit the air

(one lights up the sky like the full moon for a second, we all ask "did you see that?", checking consensus reality against individual hallucination)

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