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Seriously. Hoverbikes. If your heart didn't just skip a beat, you have no soul.

Aero-X Hoverbike To Go on Sale in 2017 - IEEE Spectrum

When Aerofex showed off its "hoverbike" almost two years ago, the California firm received a flood of emails from people asking when they could buy one of their own. Now Aerofex has unveiled plans to begin selling a commercial model in 2017 for about US $85 000—but anyone eager for a head start on living the "Star Wars" dream can put down a preorder deposit of $5000 toward the final price.

Marge: And who do you love now?
Bart and Lisa: Hoverbikes!
Marge: Close enough.
[The kids jump onto the hoverbikes, but they come crashing to the ground.]
Marge: [laughs] Sorry, kids! There's the no such thing as hoverbikes! They're just a couple of Huffys on a fishing line!

-- The Simpsons, The Joy of Sect

Well, there is now, Marge!

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