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Connect those lines!

Zelda's Inferno exercise: Connect those lines! Given two lines, write the poem that goes between them.

When the sun rose lowest on
The horizon, & the bitter winds blew, I
Settled my mind in for the winter
like a tree settling sap into its roots
The time of quiet withdrawal
of inward movement, of storing
To sleep
To await the message of spring

We await that message
But where now is the messenger?
Fleet-footed Hermes, when will you bring the word we await?
The word of Persephone's return?

But Hermes is delayed
For he is the God not only of messengers but of thieves

Caught in a caper up in the Pleiades
He's doing five to ten in the Olympic pen

And so we are left waiting for the word of spring
And the bastard child of Zeus was bested by life once more

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