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Clean Currents and WGES update

About two years ago, I wrote about green energy company Clean Currents and its relationship with the very shady company Washington Gas Energy Services. In fairness, it's time for an update on that.

According to Clean Currents' website, "As of July 15, 2011 Clean Currents is NO LONGER AFFILIATED WITH WGES and is now a full-fledged, independent electricity supplier. This means that for anyone who enrolled AFTER July 15, 2011, Clean Currents will serve as your sole electricity supplier."

It's also worth nothing that "Clean Currents was one of the first companies in the state of Maryland to complete the B Corp assessment and adopt the B Corp legal framework into its operating structure and was the first company in the state of Maryland and the United States to file to become a Benefit LLC." (Benefit corporations, or "B Corps", are a new legal structure in Maryland and few other states which are certified to provide a public benefit in addition to a financial return to investors.)

So I will be taking a second look at swapping my electricity supply over to them. (I'm also thinking about a solar lease.)


try the solar lease.......maybe you can save rather than to swap it bcorps......

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