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Big Brother is watching...what you read

According to Wired, Homeland Security records obtained by
the Identity Project (under a Privacy Act request) show that screeners
are tracking information including airline passenger's reading choices:

One report about Gilmore notes: "PAX (passenger) has many small flashlights with pot leaves on them. He had a book entitled 'Drugs and Your Rights.'" Gilmore is an advocate for marijuana legalization.

Another inspection entry noted that Gilmore had "attended computer conference in Berlin and then traveled around Europe and Asia to visit friends. 100% baggage exam negative. Resides 554 Clay Street , San Francisco, CA. PAX is self employed 'Entrepreneur' in computer software business."

Hey, TSA, here's something to put in my record: PAX is on record as saying nosy goverment agents can kiss his ass.



I think they're also watching airline meal choices, too... because, well, you know, vegans are terrorists... or something like that...

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