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‘No illeagles here' graffiti

No ill eagles! Quarantine them! <headdesk>

Immigration reform is a complicated subject, calling for a careful balance of humanitarian, economic, and cultural factors. It should be approached with a cool head and a warm heart. pretty much the exact opposite of what's needed.

Graffiti on proposed shelter for immigrant children in Maryland: ‘No illeagles here.’ (Washington Post)

As news spread this weekend that undocumented immigrant children might soon live in a former military facility in this town, graffiti appeared on the one-story brick building: “No illeagles here. No undocumented Democrats.”

Aside from the misspelling — which prompted some snickering about sick birds of prey as a photo circulated on Facebook on Sunday — the scrawled message was a manifestation of the bitter national debate over how the government should treat these undocumented children.

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